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Following the pandemic, TeaLee's Teahouse & Bookstore in downtown Denver, CO, needed a boost in sales. The owner knew she had the capacity for more customers, but she wasn't sure of the best strategy to get them in the door.

Five Points was everchanging, and Rise Jones, the owner, wanted the essence of her business to stay the same. Her comfortable teahouse provided a safe place for the historically Black neighborhood, and she was also ready to grow her business. IMC sought to develop Tealee's true brand identity and identify target market segments that would directly increase the business' sales revenue and reservations.

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IMC identified Tealee's most profitable market segments and developed a three-month marketing plan to boost Tealee's best offerings. Specifically, IMC shot new, authentic photography and video, wrote creative social media messages and designed effective, targeted advertising through social, Google, and email marketing.

As a result, Tealee's gained new ways to acquire customers through digital channels and build a robust digital marketing framework for her small business.

Campaign Highlights

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