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Press relations for high-impact fundraising campaigns

Intentional Marketing and Communications optimized the fundraising efforts of Second Chance Center during a period of expansion in 2021. Using an integrated website, social media, and press relations strategy, SCC gained insightful knowledge of how to use digital media to support future fundraising campaigns.

After receiving a large grant from a health foundation to build a new facility in Aurora, Colorado, IMC studied the donor base of Second Chance Center and created a multichannel media campaign to reach large donors. IMC distributed concisely written press releases to hungry journalists, mailed donor letters, and finally made the big "ask" via web channels, webinars, and events.

Image by Vanilla Bear Films

This integrated marketing channel approach utilizing the press, social media, website content, and direct mail helped SCC earn large financial gifts in the short term and build robust digital fundraising channels in the long term.

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