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The Intentional Approach

STEP 1: Crafting Communications Messages

Embark on a transformative journey as we delve into the heart and soul of your organization to rediscover your unique voice and mission. Through engaging discussions and in-depth analysis, we'll articulate your vision and values with renewed clarity and purpose. This profound process will culminate in a written representation of your revitalized essence, a guiding mantra that will steer our project towards resounding success.

Project Duration: 1 month or more

STEP 2: Strategic MarComm Planning

We'll unlock the full potential of your communication messages by developing effective media strategies that deeply engage your target audience. Our approach involves conducting a thorough market analysis to determine the most suitable marketing strategies based on your available resources. We'll explore standard approaches like social media, website design and copywriting, user experience design, email marketing, and leveraging sales materials and brochures. Together, we'll create a winning formula that captivates your audience at every stage, leaving a lasting impact.

Project Duration: 3 months or more

STEP 3: Implementation and Training

We offer a comprehensive solution to enhance your marketing efforts. We will create and set up your assets within your marketing processes systems, allowing you to conveniently access and utilize them across various platforms such as signs, social media, websites, and print brochures. As your dedicated media asset manager, we will design assets that are user-friendly and easily implementable.


Moreover, we will provide training on a range of marketing systems, including customer relationship management software, website development (HTML and CSS), social media management, advertising software, Google Analytics, and data measurement for your digital strategies.

Project Duration: 6 months or more

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