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How to Quickly “String” Relevant News for Your Industry

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Stringing news is when you rewrite a news article for your own website. It is a super-fast way to show that you know what is going on in your industry, and get people to frequently visit your website and eventually buy from you. If you are in a marketing department, invest the very little it takes to publish news. The benefits greatly outweigh the very low cost.

Easy steps:

  1. Read and pick a relevant news story in your industry.

  2. Rewrite the headline or write the same headline with the name of the publication in parentheses.

  3. Write two short summary paragraphs about why this article is important to your readers and what it means to your organization.

  4. Provide a link to the report after the two paragraphs or give them links to more industry news on your own website.

Be first to the punch, or at least second

News can be ugly, but it is still important for organizations to follow the media and everything about their industry.

If you aren't first at the punch to write a story, at least be second by re-publishing those stories. Regardless of whether you like or agree with the story, reposting stories will build your credibility in your field. Acceptance is important when working with the media, just as in life. Their opinion matters just as much as yours does, so focus on what you can control, which is your message.

If you are interested in additional media consulting, reach out and schedule a call.

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