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Representation of Those Who Suffer: Can Media Help?

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

To know mental illness is like knowing anything else; it must be experienced to be understood.

In a country where more than one in five people suffer (National Institute of Mental Health) from a mental illness, and $280 billion (White House) goes toward mental and behavioral health, how can the media help?

There are no guarantees in trying to reach the minds of those suffering. No performance metrics, gadgets, or instant gratification marketing tactics will work here. Knowing mental illness is like trying to hold water in your hands - it will just slip through. The American psyche is constantly changing, and the minds of those suffering can never be bought or sold.

However, my business is marketing, and my purpose is helping, and I choose to align myself with the mental awareness movement and its representation.

The minds of those people who need help the most are depicted here. They seek recovery and hope; most of all, their illness does not define them. #IAmMore

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