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How to Build an Online Community

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Having slow periods during your business cycle doesn't have to be unproductive for your business. Use low seasons to do some research on your target market.

Here are a few quick questions to ask if you are trying to build your online community:

1. What brings your target market together online?

If you sell shoes, why do they get online? Is it to look at the best new styles? To see the best in fashion? Is it to find reviews of shoe comfort? Maybe you sell shoes but have a social mission like reducing homelessness. Your audience may be looking for ways to give back or donate. This kind of research about your target market will help you craft a successful social media strategy.

2. What platforms are they on?

You might be only thinking of the top platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but also do some keyword research on platforms like,, You could find thousands of people who are perfectly suited for your products and services.

3. What kinds of content do they like?

If you are selling art, choose a visual platform like Instagram or Pinterest and don't focus on the others. If you are selling books, find platforms that cater to readers, not artists. Spend most of your time where the most compelling content for your target market fits.

Happy target marketing research and let me know if I can help you build your online community more!



Founder of Intentional Marketing and Communications

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