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How to Fully Expose Your Art

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

I often ask my artist clients this: "What is the story you want to tell about your art?" This isn't an easy question to answer, even for artists. It takes years and contemplation to develop a written or visual narrative of a work of art, even after it's been created and displayed.

Luckily, the art of storytelling can bring art into a brand new light. The re-telling of an artist's story can be re-created through unique gallery experiences, recorded video and audio interviews, press conferences, media releases, or public demonstrations. These are just a few of the ways storytellers can expand upon an artist's work and expression.

Many artists believe their work speaks for itself. And it does, to a certain degree. A great artist knows, however, that if their art is to be fully expressed, it needs a diverse audience's attention. That means finding new ways to express their art either through different voices or media.

A great example of unique storytelling is the photographer enthusiast and curating website SmugMug tells the rich stories of some of the best photographers in the world through a different artistic medium - film.

The 2019 released film "The Fabric of Fantasy" tells the story about the becoming of a famous fantasy-hero photographer, Bella Kotak.

While we wouldn't be able to see her "behind the scenes" story from the photographs, SmugMug goes deep into the photographer's life, explaining how it was her own transformation from architecture to photography that resulted in her fantasy photography journey. Kotak is now known world-wide for making incredible fantasy heroes come to life. (I can't imagine she has trouble getting a job as an artistic director wherever she goes.)

Kotak's artistic expression was originally her photography, but it did not stop there. Luckily, with storytellers like SmugMug, it led to this beautiful film - a separate expression on its own, and a daring way to continue to express the love and passion of fantasy heroes. (who doesn't love this?) The deeper story tells here, that Kotak is a hero herself.

If you have a work of art that has not been fully expressed, work with Intentional Marketing and Communications to expand upon your vision. A film, a written narrative, a media release, or even something beyond your wildest dreams is just waiting to help tell your story to its fullest.

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