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How to Quickly Produce a Product or Service Video

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Producing a stunning 3-5 minute video about your company doesn't have to be painful. It should be fun! Here are the parts that will be required to retell the stories about your company's best assets including its people, products and services.

A great product or service video should include:

  1. A main narration by a company leader of your choice

  2. Footage of what products of services your company provides

  3. 2-3 supporting members or customers of your company

  4. An animated logo of your company

  5. Animated text of the names of the participants in the video

To limit the amount of time spent on this project make sure to:

  1. Ensure all of your interviews can happen within a few hours

  2. Have a high-quality Adobe PSD/AI version of the company logo ready

  3. Follow the standard format of the sample provided.

  4. Make sure you get all of the necessary approvals internally in two sets of editing rounds to limit extra editing.

Good luck! If you need the help, call us!

"About Us" Company Video

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