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What you should know when hiring a video production agency

Hiring a video production agency is exciting. There are so many things to look forward to - the writing of the video, the location scouting, and the talent selection.

Maybe you are a marketing director at your company and know a thing or two about storytelling. Maybe you are an executive who just has a great idea. Either way, there are a lot of things you should know about hiring a video production agency ahead of the project start.

Asking yourself these things will save you a lot of time, money and frustration before hiring a video production agency.

1. Know who the company is hiring and ask about their experience levels - You want to make sure your company isn't hiring low-level freelancers for your shoot and giving their great shooters to another project. If the company doesn't have great videographers that day, ask for another date when they are available.

2. Know the equipment they are using - ask for the links to the equipment they are using. Are they prosumer cameras or are they professional video cameras? This will tell you if they are using budget cameras, and if they are charging you a budget price.

3. Ask how long the process will take - This will depend on how much work you have already done ahead of your project. Do you know the main pieces of production such as scriptwriting, sound recording, the framing of shots, narrative storytelling? The more of these pieces about filmmaking you know, the less you will spend time with the video production agency.

4. Ask about any additional costs - There are things you might think are included, but they are not. For instance, let's say you don't have a logo and you need one for your company. That will cost extra to reproduce. Think about all the artistic elements you need in your video. If they are only in the physical realm (let's say you have a backdrop with your logo, but not an animated graphic, ask if you can use that in the video instead of paying them to create a new one.) To make it simple, ask your director or production manager - what other costs should I consider?

To learn more, read the full article from IMPACT, a video production company:

Thanks and good luck!

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