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Why You are Going to LOVE Denver’s New Community Media Center

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

January 29, 2021, DENVER, CO - If you’re an independent media producer like me, an artist, a musician, or a non-profit organization leader dying to get your message out, you are going to LOVE the new Denver Community Media center on 22nd and Arapahoe.

If you are in the public media scene in Denver, you have probably already heard that the Buell Public Media Center had its grand opening in October 2020 -- as grand as it could have been during the pandemic. The public hasn’t really been allowed to come to the center much. Still, this $38m center's opening has been long-awaited by its new inhabitants - Rocky Mountain PBS/Rocky Mountain Public Media, Open Media Foundation, the Associated Press, KGNU Community Radio, KUVO Jazz, and of course, Denver Community Media.

I feel honored to get one of Denver Community Media's first orientations - the new public access television center for the city. It’s changed hands a few times over the last few years, going into the dungeon of the Denver City Council Building (ugh), and finally has its intended home. Some of us have been waiting A LONG TIME for this and gone through creative withdrawal emotions, so we are so glad it is back!

It indeed is grand. I got to meet the new director of Denver Community Media, David Achilles, a long-time media producer and TV geek (I found out). He has a lot of power behind this massive outfit, and we should give him and the teams that put it together props. He is determined to help the community use it to full capacity and promote freedom of expression. Thanks, Dave!

Main features of the DCM:

First, we will have so much new space and technology to work with. The main studio is more than 1,500 sq. feet - enough for large bands, a theatre production, or a news broadcast with several reporters/panelists. There are eight cameras total, with two of them being man-operated cameras on wheels, a giant green screen, and even a staging area if you want to build your own set.

However, this studio is still being constructed, and it will be done no later than February, said Achilles. We are really excited about that moment!

There is also a podcast studio with cameras and professional lighting. You can have up to three guests, a soundboard mixer, a professional teleprompter, and a call-in station if you choose to have your audience call in.

Lastly, an upgrade from the last media center is an “online editing” bay, which focuses on the small details of production - color grading, sound editing, and motion graphics. This studio will be great for filmmakers and artists.

While everything is still being entirely created, now is a great time to set up your membership.

Get Started Now:

1. Get in sooner than later - sign up for your membership NOW so you can take advantage of FREE services until membership fees start to kick in in April. Achilles said since we are still at limited capacity, things are free. You could be a special person like me who is getting in during this time.

2. Figure out what classes you want to take now that are being offered. You have to take the field class to rent out field equipment (but don’t need to if you are experienced with those cameras). Editing classes are being offered, too.

3. Start linking up with members. This is OUR community media center, and we will build up its heart, just like we did with Denver Open Media. Start connecting, let’s start building up crews so we can get this thing going!

What is the most special about this center is that it is breathing newness. Every single thing in this place is brand new, and that is a good feeling.

We have a chance to build this thing and get it going to be a strong and healthy, vibrant place where we can express ourselves again, be the num-shits we are inside, and help each other have fun.

Cheers! Go Denver Community Media!

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